The Assessing Department establishes estimated market value and determines the property classification of each property located in Maple Grove on an annual basis for property tax allocation.

Property valuation and classification processes are based on Minnesota statutes and comply with the Minnesota Department of Revenue.  The Assessing Department appraises property at market value and classifies property based on actual use.

The Assessing Department is committed to providing equitable and uniform assessments throughout the city in a professional manner while assisting our residents and members of the public with assessment-related matters.

Additional responsibilities

  • Processing and maintaining the homestead status of residential properties
  • Maintaining property records based on physical property attributes
  • Conducting annual quintile property reviews of established properties
  • Conducting property reviews based on new construction and building permits
  • Administering the appeals process, including the Local Board of Appeal and Equalization 
  • Administering programs related to property assessment and classification