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Common issues

  1. Zoning Enforcement
  2. Fences
  3. Driveways
  4. Garages & Sheds
  5. Exterior Storage in Residential Districts

Zoning Enforcement

Please email your zoning enforcement questions/requests or leave a voicemail by contacting 763-494-6059 and include your name, phone number, your question, and the address of the property you are referring to.

  1. Garage Sales & Signs
  2. Shoreland Regulations
  3. House Numbers
  4. Home Occupation

Garage sales & signs

Garage sales may be held provided that:

  • Sale is conducted inside the principal or accessory structure.
  • The number of sales does not exceed four per year.
  • Sale does not last longer than three consecutive days.

Garage sale signs may be displayed provided that:

  • Signs are posted no more than five days in an eight-day period.
  • Signs are placed with the permission of the person controlling the property on which the sign is placed or, if a public right-of-way, with the permission of the adjoining property owner.
  • Signs are removed at the termination of the sale.