Youth Fireplay Intervention Program

The Maple Grove Youth Fireplay Intervention Program is an educational intervention program. It is not intended to employ scare tactics, intimidate, or punish. The program is designed to teach youth the facts about fire as well as the consequences of fire setting behavior. By instilling a general respect for fire, we find that most will stop their firesetting and/or fireplay behavior.

Finding motivation

The assessment this program employs is from the United States Fire Administration and helps determine the motivation for a child's fireplay/firesetting behavior. This can range from curiosity, delinquent, to crisis firesetting/fireplay. Once the motivation is determined, a program is set up for the child or a referral to another agency may be recommended.

The program is free to all Maple Grove residents. The child's knowledge of fire safety and their attitude determines the number of sessions necessary. The average number of sessions is three to five, which generally last from 45 minutes to an hour in length. After the initial session, parents are encouraged to attend with their child, but their attendance is not mandatory.

Films and assignments

Fire safety films are viewed each session, with a pre-test and post-test given to determine fire safety knowledge. The program is taught at an age-appropriate level for each child. Assignments are given during each session and include some that are family-oriented.

Further information

The Maple Grove Fire-Rescue Department feels that an educational intervention through the Youth Fire Play Intervention Program is a positive way to stop fireplay/firesetting behavior. Contact the Fire Department via email or at 763-494-6099 for additional information.