Hunting permit

Maple Grove issues permits for limited hunting of deer, geese and turkeys. To hunt in the city, you must possess a valid deer, goose, or turkey hunting permit signed by a designee of the Maple Grove Police Department.


  1. Complete the permit application (see options below) and include the signature of the landowner(s) giving you permission to hunt in a specific location.
  2. Mail the completed application along with required payment and photocopies of your ID and hunter safety certificate to:

    Maple Grove Police Department
    Attn: Records Unit / Hunting Permits
    12800 Arbor Lakes Parkway
    Maple Grove, MN 55369 

    Or email the completed permit and mail payment separately to the mailing address above.

    These are the preferred methods to limit traffic in the lobby of the Public Safety Facility. The permits will be either emailed or mailed upon completion by office staff.
  3. Include the fee of $25 for deer or turkey hunting or $25 for goose hunting; both or all three permits are a total of $25. Spring turkey hunting permits are no charge. Capable partners permits are no charge.
  4. View the online hunting orientation.

2023 hunting rules and regulation

All Maple Grove hunters, regardless of age, are required to show proof of possessing a firearm safety certificate, advanced hunter education, or bow hunter safety certificate (archers only).

2023 turkey hunting rules and regulations (PDF)

For general information on firearm safety training or to request a duplicate firearm safety certificate, call 888-646-6367, or 651-296-6157, or visit the DNR website.

Archery turkey hunting

Archery deer hunting

Goose hunting

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