Volunteer opportunities

Police Explorer Program (Post 3775)

Law enforcement exploring is a program sponsored by local law enforcement agencies and the Boy Scouts of America to provide career information and hands-on training to students between the ages of 14 and 20. The Maple Grove police explorer post provides the structure and resources needed for young adults to make ethical choices and to achieve their full potential as individuals. There are more than 33,000 young men and women across the nation participating in posts organized by local law enforcement agencies.

Maple Grove explorers learn firsthand the duties and responsibilities of police officers as taught by the officers themselves. At weekly meetings, explorers are able to apply the information and tactics they learn in mock situations such as:

  • Crime scene search
  • Domestic crisis intervention
  • Traffic accident investigation
  • Emergency first aid 

The explorer then demonstrates their knowledge and understanding of each scenario at the Minnesota Law Enforcement Conference each April and at the National Law Enforcement Explorer Conference held every other year.

Scholarships are awarded to explorer posts that place in the academic and practical exercises at the state conference. Our post then awards several scholarships each year to any explorer who is enrolled in a law enforcement college program and who meets the eligible criteria.

To learn more about the Maple Grove Police explorers, view this video feature.

To join the program, email an explorer advisor. Find more information on the Minnesota Explorers Law Enforcement Organization website.

Police Reserve Program

A police reserve officer is a volunteer interested in giving back to the community by assisting the Maple Grove Police Department with a variety of activities or law enforcement students who are looking for some non-law enforcement experience. Applicants must be 18 years of age and pass an oral interview and background check.

Police reserve officers provide services including:

  • Assist Maple Grove schools with celebrations and carnivals
  • Assist neighboring departments with celebration activities
  • Assist with special events, celebrations, and activities
  • Available for emergencies or disasters
  • Work sporting events and park and recreation activities

To request a reserve officer at an event, complete the Reserve officer request form (PDF) and return it to the Maple Grove Police Department.

Benefits of becoming a reserve officer:

  • Attend a 10-week reserve school offered through the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department.
  • Help the Police Department work closely with citizens through community-oriented policing.
  • Learn about state laws which leads to a greater understanding of the complexities of law enforcement.
  • Receive first aid (first responder) training.
  • Receive water safety, traffic direction, and search and rescue training through the Reserve Officer Training Association.

The Maple Grove Police Department accepts applications for reserve officers periodically. View open positions online or volunteer opportunities with the city through the Parks and Recreation Department page.

To learn more about the Maple Grove Police reserves, view this video feature. If you have any questions about the program, email a reserve advisor.