Law Enforcement Training Facility

Man Firing at Target

New long gun restrictions

  • Carbines firing handgun calibers are allowed
  • No shotguns
  • Rifle calibers of.223/5.56 and smaller only

Flexible shooting environment

A flexible shooting environment if provided for scenario-based exercises and tactical solutions.

The North Metro Regional Public Safety Training Facility is proud to offer local law enforcement agencies a safe, state-of-the-art training facility for firearms instruction. With 12 indoor, 40 yards, climate-controlled lanes equipped with touch screen technology and a no-haze, 100% outside air exchange system, our shooting range in Maple Grove can be customized for your unique law enforcement training needs. Our training range also offers a lateral-running target for engaging a moving target, which travels the width of the backstop, testing an officer's reaction time and movement skills. In each lane, the target can be rotated 180 degrees for times drills and shoot/don't shoot decision making. The indoor range is also equipped with emergency lights and siren to provide officers with a realistic shooting scenario.

Range membership for officers

A range membership allows full-time sworn officers the ability to take full advantage of our state-of-the-art training facility. Our affordable range membership includes:

  • Access to secure firearm and ammunition storage
  • Convenient office workstations with computers
  • Customizable training rooms
  • Full equipped gun cleaning room
  • Key FOBs
  • Locker rooms with showers
  • Priority scheduling over hourly users
  • Reduced fee of $45 (Regular $50) per hour for simulator rental

Law enforcement range membership at the North Metro Range is an annual fee of $595 per full-time sworn officer and provides each member with four hours of range time.

Hourly rental fees

Non-members are welcome to rent the North Metro Range hourly. Contact us today for reservations.

Range rental: $200 per hour