Garage sale regulations

Residents have asked for clarification of the regulations surrounding garage or yard sales and the placement and removal of signs. If you have additional questions, contact the Community Development Department.

Garage sales may be held provided that:

  • The number of sales does not exceed four per year.
  • The sale does not last longer than three consecutive days.
  • The sale is conducted inside the principal or accessory structure (garage).

Garage sale signs may be displayed provided that:

  • Signs are placed with the permission of the person controlling the property on which the sign is placed or, if placed in a public right-of-way, with the permission of the adjoining property owner.
  • Signs are removed at the end of the sale.

After the sale

  • Consider donating unsold items to any one of the many charitable organizations serving the metro area.
  • Make sure to take down any signs advertising your sale.