Park planning and projects

Comprehensive plan

What is a park system plan document and what does it do?

  • Defines community expectations and goals for parks and recreation facilities and services.
  • Contains a long-range (10 to 20 year) vision and guide for parks, recreation, natural areas, and trails.
  • Includes prioritized actions to ensure the parks and recreation system meets community needs now and in the future.

2018 parks and recreation system plan - executive summary

Current projects

Gleason Fields - tentative opening June 9, 2023

The park is transitioning toward completion and you may have noticed activity on the ballfield.  Though we are tentatively planning to be finished with construction on June 9 the park will not open fully to the public until we can complete final inspections. Inspections include all building and mechanical systems, water, sewer, electrical, field lighting, etc. Any necessary adjustments to meet design specifications will happen prior to opening. Thank you for your patience as we complete the final stages of the park improvement.

Gleason Park fields update on construction

Construction timeline (weather dependent)

  • Winter break - January to February
  • Building interiors - March
  • Ballfield canopies - March
  • Landscaping and irrigation - April to May
  • Trails - May
  • Parking lot resurface - May to June
  • Construction completed - June to July

Updated site plan (PDF)
Preliminary playground design (PDF)

Donahue South

Concept plan (PDF)

Coming soon

Pickleball complex at Lakeview Knolls Park

Concept plan (PDF)

Spring 2023 playground replacements

  • Boundary Creek (West) 
  • Grove West 
  • Hidden Meadows

Fall 2023 playground replacements

  • Forestview Ponds
  • Lakeview Knolls 
  • Fish Lake Woods
  • Goldenrod Marsh