Transit Station mobility hub

Mobility hubs are places of connectivity where different travel options – walking, biking, transit, and shared mobility – come together. For Maple Grove, the mobility hub helps coordinate express buses, local fixed route, My Ride service, carpooling, Uber/Lyft, biking, and pedestrians at the Maple Grove Transit Station.

To create the Maple Grove hub, a portion of the Transit Station’s busway and small parking lot on the south side of the facility were reconfigured.  This area was landscaped, signed and striped to facilitate the mobility hub concepts.  Users should note that traffic is now one-way through the lot, and there is only 30-minute parking available in this surface lot.

Clear signage directs everyone where to go, and enhanced pedestrian features make it more functional and safer.  In addition, four electrical vehicle charging (EVC) stations were added as part of the project.  

Read about the project in the Minnesota Public Transportation Association publication -- In Transit.   

Parking lot with Maple Grove Transit bus pulled under station overhang