2022 sanitary sewer lining project

The City of Maple Grove is working to complete a sewer pipe lining project in the areas of Shadow Creek, Fish Lake Circle, Southwest Fish Lake, Xenium and Pilgrim Park. (See map below.) The project is part of the ongoing sanitary sewer preventative maintenance program that will:

  • Extend service life
  • Minimize inflow and infiltration impacts
  • Reduce surface disturbances and construction traffic impacts

The pipe lining work creates a new plastic pipe inside of the existing pipe by cured in-place pipe process (CIPP); there is little or no excavation involved. The work is done in segments of about 500 feet at a time with wastewater being pumped around the segment being lined.

Who is affected and how?

Homes along the affected segment cannot discharge wastewater to the system for about a 24-hour period, so residents may want to plan an overnight stay with friends or family. These homeowners are notified about the exact timeline as the project progresses. The city recognizes the project will impact some more than others.