Transit service update

Following are Maple Grove Transit Express bus service changes effective June 13, 2022. View the new rider guide.

Route 781 revised trip times 

Some the trip times and trip numbers have been adjusted and changed, so please review the trip time schedule.

Route 781 reverse commute eliminated

The reverse commute inbound trip times of 2:28 p.m., 3:58 p.m., and 4:58 p.m. and the reverse commute outbound trips of 5:06 a.m., 5:50 a.m., and 6:33 a.m. have been eliminated due to very low ridership. 

Route 785 service returns

  • Six inbound and six outbound express trips are offered.
  • The Route 781P branch also returns offers midday and early evening options to get back to the Parkway Station with connections at 12:41 p.m. and 7:03 p.m.

There are no changes to the Route 789. The Routes of 780, 781A, 782, 783, and 788 all remain suspended. 

Maple Grove is considering Express bus service changes for August 20, 2022. Review and provide your feedback.

For questions, email the transit administrator or call 763-494-6005.