Sign up for Metro Transit rider alerts

The bus service suspension on January 11, 2023, due to the ice storm is good reminder why it is important to sign up for Metro Transit's rider alert email and text notifications. The Metro Transit alerts are best for urgent real-time notifications of bus service delays, detours, suspensions, and cancellations.  The alerts can be route specific or for the entire system.  

Maple Grove Transit contracts with Metro Transit for the Express bus operations, so Maple Grove routes are included in their notifications. Therefore, if Metro Transit suspends or cancels service for its entire system, this includes the Maple Grove Transit Express routes.

Sign up for Metro Transit alerts that include Maple Grove Transit critical information.

Sign up for Maple Grove Transit rider alerts (email, text, or both). These notifications are typically used in non-urgent situations to communicate general service, project, and policy updates.

If you have any questions, please contact the Transit Administrator at 763-494-6005.