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Central Park Interactive Fountain

Subfacility of Central Park

Admission Fee

Free Admission

The interactive fountain is a 2,100 square feet plaza with 49 jet sprays and 18 arching sprays.

Fountain water is recycled through a filtration system and the water is reused, just like in a swimming pool, and beautiful LED lights turn the fountain into a light show once the sun goes down.

It's free to play in the fountain, children and the young at heart are all welcome. You'll find restrooms inside the park building.

Fountain rules

  • No lifeguard is on duty, all children must be actively supervised by an adult.
  • In case of emergency, call 911.
  • Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers, which are for sale in the park building, or plastic pants with tight fitting elastic. Regular disposal diapers are not allowed.
  • Footwear is recommended.
  • All users must exit the fountain area for 30 minutes if thunder or lightning are present.

The following items are prohibited in the fountain area:

  • Food, beverage, tobacco products, and gum.
  • Glass, metal objects, soap, or other materials that could create hazardous conditions.
  • Animals, with the exception of service animals.
  • Skateboards, inline skates, roller skates, scooters, bicycles, and other wheeled vehicles.
  • Running or rough play.
  • Spitting or spouting of water and nose blowing.
  • Use by persons with, or suspected of having, diarrhea or a communicable disease which could be transmitted through the fountain.
  • Persons with large cuts or scrapes are advised not to use the fountain.

Please note, dogs are not allowed in the interactive fountain.