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Skate Plaza

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Summer series Skateboard Competition

The Skate Plaza is located at the Maple Grove Community Center, and is for skate boarders, inline skaters, BMX bikers and scooters.


The park is made of concrete and includes features such as:

  • Banks
  • Grind rails
  • Hubba ledges
  • Manual pad
  • A mini taco
  • Stairs

The park includes a seating area for skateboarders to hang out and spectators to sit and watch.

Rules & regulations

Please keep the following in mind when using the facility:

  • The facility is unsupervised. Users assume all risks inherent in the use of this facility
  • Skate with safety in mind and remember weather conditions may create unsafe surfaces for users
  • It is strongly recommended that all users wear a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist pads
  • Failure to wear protective equipment will expose users to serious injury upon falling or collision with others

The following is prohibited when using the Skate Plaza:

  • No glass containers, food or beverages on the skating surface
  • No additional items such as benches, tables, wood materials or other objects
  • No drugs, alcohol and tobacco products
  • No loud music
  • No reckless behavior
  • No pets on skating surface
  • No littering
  • No profanity
  • No stickers
  • No graffiti


In case of serious injury or other emergencies, call 911.

Help keep the Skate Plaza safe: report any equipment repairs and needs.